Thursday, February 21, 2013

Soap, Bubble Bath, Shampoo, Play Dough?

I wouldn't usually promote a product that I don't personally sell but I am making an exception. If you are familiar with LUSH then you know that LUSH is an all natural (no preservative) beauty supply store that sells soaps, bath products, shampoos, deodorant powders, facial washes and scrubs and much more. LUSH is also a product that does NOT test on animals. Although it is pricey I am in love with this store and their products. Which is why I try to avoid it when I am walking through the local shopping mall. Today however I decided to go in and take a look around. A product wrapped in plastic with bright bubbly colours caught my attention, it was called FUN. I had never seen this product before which is odd for me so I had to inquire. The lady told me that it was a soap, shampoo and bubble bath that is perfect for children because its in a play dough form and it also turns the bath water the colour of the product. It smelt fantastic! The cost was only $7 and the LUSH lady said it will last well over 2 months. She also informed me that with each FUN bought one is sent to Japan for the kids who survived the tsunamis and proceeds were donated from each purchase as well. I HAD to buy it!

I bought the green one for my son and brought it home (it smelt like fresh zesty lime) I think I was more excited to try it out then him. I crumpled a bit into the running water for the bubbles and the colour then I broke off a chunk and handed it to my 3 year old. He smushed it around and rubbed his body with it. It became very sudsy which is great and it turned his body green so he could see what remaining body parts he had to wash! Not only was it fun and exciting but he was washing himself without my help!!

I give this product 5 stars. It's fantastic and fun and there is an amazing cause behind it. Please check out You can order directly online if there is not a LUSH near you.

Please stay tuned onto our Facebook page at We will be holding a contest for 3 lucky mommies to win a FUN bar for their little ones to enjoy!

Please leave us a comment and let us know one of your favourite products to use for your little one in or out of the bath.

-Staci SMFS

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Her Beloved Choochy

to pacify (verb) : placateappeasecalm (down)conciliatepropitiateassuagemollifysoothe.

a pacifier (noun) : a means to child dependency and oral fixation

Do you see the distinction?

Ahhh yes... a mother's peaceful -momental- answer to a fussy crybaby. But is this taken too far? How many times have you seen a walking talking toddler with a "binky" in his/her mouth hindering its speech as it tries to communicate with mommy or daddy? It drives me bonkers and all I can think is what are you doing?!?! It's one thing to have a crying baby on your hands, when food or being held isn't the question. And hey, if it works to calm them down, why not?! But after a while you have to wonder the long-term effect of it all. The dependency of it, the risks. A little rubber and plastic should not be a go-to for your child's discomfort and a substitute for real attention. I believe there should be a one-year limit on pacifiers or you're headed into dangerous territory. I know this now only because I've actually been there.

Aliyah was probably around 2 and a half when I finally put my foot down. For a good while, it even became an expense, one lost, one to replace, one at grandmas, 4 at home, one clipped onto her clothes (you get the picture). I remember being all too impressed with the ones that snapped shut when they fell to the ground. Now, am I buying this for her or am I buying it because it's cool? When your toddler can outright ask for their choochy (our take on the italian ciuciotto -pronounced choo-chetto) is it time to move on? If you have to reason with your child to get rid of it, it's most likely past it's prime and you're now overdue. 

I started to notice on some of her choochys that the nipple was starting to tear at the base. Everyone knows a toddler likes the feeling of accomplishment, so I knew where this would go. I took a pair of scissors and snipped all the nipples at the base so they were one pull away from retirement. Who did the pulling? Aliyah. And who got to throw them in the garbage? Aliyah. Instead of the suffering and confusion of "where did they go?", I let her be an active part of her own transition. She grew up a little the day she threw them in the garbage. She asked for them maybe once or twice after that. All I had to do was remind her of what a big girl she was.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

It is Finally Up and Running!..Check It Out!

To all our blog followers!

We have finally got our website up and running. With a few kinks to work out it seems to be operating up to our standards.

Please check it out, begin forum discussions and join in our community. We will be keeping you up to date with mom and kid meet ups in the GTA and the resource page provides you with links to government websites in and around the GTA.

If you have any suggestions or comments please discuss them with us in our forum or comment on this blog post. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know and we will get back to you with an answer in a timely fashion.

We hope you all will benefit from this in one way or another and invite you to join in with our community in any way you see fit.

The website is

Thanks for all your continued support and we will continue to provide you with blog posts on here as well as discussions on similar topics on our website.

Lots of love