Thursday, February 13, 2014

Always Be Sure To Make Your Voice Heard, Advocacy is Key, Never Give up

Oh boy! Its been far too long since I have written a blog and I am very excited to be back on this blank page.

I am writing this blog today to make sure all you single mommies know how important it is to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. When you are faced with a challenge, which many of us are, never give up until there is a resolution. Some may say its easier said then done, and who wants the aggravation when it is so much easier to just throw in the towel. Trust me ladies it is much more rewarding to know you tried your hardest and never gave up.

Here is my story, I have been facing an issue at school over the last few months. The issue has everything to do with me being a single mom and the lack of support there is out there for us.

I am in my last year of Social Service Work at Sheridan College. During the last two semesters you are supposed to attend a placement 3 days a week to help you gain knowledge in the field before graduating. Well i landed an amazing placement, or so I thought. It was at an agency for parenting and pregnant youth. How perfect right? It was exactly what I wanted to do. I learned how to connect with clients and run out reach programs for parents in the community. I was doing presentations on single parenthood and self care. It was right up my ally. This agency advocated for all types of parents, single, new comers, even parents suffering from postpartum depression. So I knew that my supervisors and co-workers would be totally understanding of me being a single parent and of the struggles I have currently been facing with my sons chronic stomach illness (details about that and how to deal with a sick child will be in next weeks blog). Well I was wrong! My son was admitted to Sick Kids the last 2 weeks before christmas break and I was forced to take 2 weeks off from school and placement. The faculty and Sheridan were extremely supportive and understanding and helped me to get through the exams and assignments and extended my time for them all. Well my placement was not as understanding, to my surprise. They terminated my position at their agency. To top it off they didn't even have the balls to tell me until the day I was supposed to go back in January.

So far this semester back at school has been a disaster. I still haven't found a placement and the faculty and placement coordinators at my school have done nothing to assist me in finding a new placement. The coordinator at Sheridan has been trying to manipulate me into withdrawing from placement all together right now cause according to her its "just not my time" Oh hell NO! I did not take out a $20,000 student loan and work my ASS off for the last year and a half to not graduate with my class in April. Well its been 6 weeks since my termination and Im in the same position I was 6 weeks ago with no help and no support form the school that has taken my money and promised me a future.

Do you think I gave up and said "oh well theres always next year" NO! I have gone to all ends of the world to try to get my voice heard. A wrongful termination because of a sick child and the lack of the support from a school I have been paying money to go to...I am not letting this slip through the cracks. It may be stressful and time consuming. I have contacted people of all sorts from the associate dean to the ministry rep for Sheridan College. I still haven't been heard but I am not giving up. I will send my story to every new agency in the GTA if i have to. I am not just doing this for myself. I am doing this for every single mom who wants a chance to go back to school and make a future for themselves. It is not fair that I have been punished for being a single parent and I will continue to advocate for myself until I have been heard!

Hopefully in April you will see my graduation picture up here on this blog. If not then us as single parents definitely have some more fighting to do. Advocacy is key ladies. We have to stick together.

If you want to go back to school DO IT! If you want to change careers DO IT! If you want a raise or promotion DO IT! Don't ever give up because you think that you can't. YOU CAN!