Sunday, October 5, 2014


So, for the past 2 years we have had a vision of how we wanted our website to look. We went to a graphic designer to get it all done up but turned out he was too expensive for our very empty pockets.
We then turned to Go Daddy, which is a great start up if you want something small and basic and we definitely were not looking for small and basic. We wanted links to government websites, legal aid, subsidized daycare, housing. We wanted to provide discussion boards for single moms to connect with one another and a "free cycle" where you can post donations you may have for other single mothers in need such as clothing and baby items. Go Daddy could not provide that for us and our year subscription eventually expired.

After our interview on CBC news and Victoria's live radio interview, we decided that we needed our website back up and running and to revamp it. A lovely woman reached out to my request on a group called Pink and Blue and constructed our new website in 24 hours. It has access to our blog and Facebook page, discussion boards, a "freecycle" for parents to exchange clothing and items they no longer need, links to resources such as government websites, child care subsidy, housing, legal aid and much much more.

We would love for you all to go check out our website and tell us what you think. We are steps closer to our goal of registering Single Moms Fresh Start as a not for profit charity with the Ontario government and to begin to provide many more services to mothers in need in and around the GTA.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Help Us Help You

Hey All,

2 blog posts in one week!!!! This is new and should probably continue!!

We did an interview with CBC News Toronto and it was aired on this evenings news. We have come to realize how many people are in need of our support and services and we would like to begin to build and grow into the organization we have in-visioned over the last 2 years.

We have set up a donation page for people to visit and donate to our cause. We are trying to raise money to launch a website and register with the Ontario government to become a certified Not for Profit Organization. Our long term goal is to apply for grants and open an office in the Central Toronto Area to begin offering hands on services such as counselling, parenting support groups, resume workshops, legal assistance, and much much more.

Please visit our donation page and please please share the link through social media. Help us reach our goal and become the organization we are destined to be. There are so many single mothers out there that need our help! Help Us, Help You!!!!

Every little bit counts to help us achieve our goals!

Thank you