Thursday, January 3, 2013

Since we're on the topic of men...

I definitely thought I would have something good to say.
But here I am half an hour later, 8 drafts in, and I've got nothing. Realistically, I feel I do understand men. I grew up with 5 older brothers, and I've always been a guys girl, but without fail, I'm still always the one that gets burned. I don't blame men for anything. I can take responsibility for my actions. I feel like on subconscious level though, I always put myself in relationship situations where the guy is going through some life changes and my job is to help them get the ball rolling. Then once they are on their feet again, I'm tossed aside. I've dated a few men since my separation from my ex husband. And it's like clockwork; we meet, it's amazing, incredible, out of a fairytale, they get down on themselves, need to work on themselves, it's not me it's them, they still want to be friends and say hopefully we can try again once they're happy with themselves. Dating's hard... I've wanted to give up and throw the towel in but my love for love always exceeds my hatred and fear of dating and failing. I guess it's worth it right?

I guess that I'm no expert on men at all. I just always remind myself that they are simple creatures. Like my mom always says "The way to a happy man is to feed em and fuck em".

Short and sweet!
Kimmy- SMFS Crew


  1. Lol, that is the short and sweet of it, and Linda is right. But the trick is not understanding men, it's understanding women. Men for the most part are faulted for many things, and we are not always without fault but for the most part, we love the same basic things in a relationship...peace, love, dedication, family time, and personal time. We love to keep things interesting yet simple.

    Why I say it's important for women to understand women is that they don't really tend to understand themselves quite often. They tend to over think details and psych themselves out or work themselves up over trivial things. Who cares if the toilet seat is up! Put it down, and move on with your day. He really doesn't need to know about it. I'm sure when he's ready he'll pick it up and not complain about it being down. So his phone is locked and he won't share the password, it doesn't always mean that he's cheating, he might actually want privacy. I don't share my password with anybody especially not my banking info, I don't care how close we are. My ex and I were very close too, but we were also worlds apart. But you couldn't tell us that at the time.

    Another problem is faulting physiological problems for psychological problems. So you have your period, your feeling cramps and you are hormonal and upset. The brain might have it's focus on other things but it still works so think before you act. Don't blame hormones for lack of common sense.

    So being a couple, does it mean sharing everything together or does it mean two people who operate as individuals...together?

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    2. I am quite open to the same criticism. Speak your mind without edit Staci.

    3. responded without criticism just an assumption that the writing came from a male but infact it was a male perspective from a femal playing "devils advocate" if you will which is fantastic and so appreciate. We really welcome these comments and not only was your comment well written but it was very enjoyable to read. Thank you! :)

    4. I meant I responded* for some reason the "I" did not publish with the reply lol