Monday, December 31, 2012

The Opposite Sex

Staci is right. Men- can't live with or without 'em!

I'm sure guys are probably saying the same thing about us women. Like that movie with Mel Gibson, What Women Want... as if it's some mystery and men need telepathic powers to read our minds. To be honest, sometimes I feel bad because it can be a female tendency to be moody or hormonal but then we're just being thrown under the bus for that explanation. Men are just as capable of being moody and hard to read, i.e. not expressing emotions or a machismo frame of mind. Aside from all of this, it is possible for both sexes to get along in a genuine, loving relationship. Just look at previous generations and the way they valued each other. Nobody's perfect, but the ideal relationship exists. People just assume it's easy peezy and everyone gets along. Far from true. Relationships are work and this generation is the laziest I've seen.

Is it just me or are there way too many commitment-phobes out there? It's not just the Hollywood trend to make and break couples on the daily. It's the acceptance today's society has toward it. I'm sure you hear it too often from people you know. A lot of the time it's for the best. If two people aren't meant to be, it shouldn't be forced. More so, if one person isn't happy it's hard to change that. Does it relate to one's upbringing? Absolutely. If a guy hasn't really grown up with a proper example of a successful relationship (which doesn't necessarily mean his own parents) it's hard to be in one. I've witnessed this time and time again and it's not just a coincidence. Chances are they might not find what they are looking for, or haven't a clue what to look for. 

Now, I should mention that commitment shows itself on many levels. It could mean monogamy, living together or marriage. What some men (and women) lack is the ability to communicate what kind of commitment they want and being upfront about it. Actually... communicating about anything can ultimately mean a successful relationship. Keeping things to yourself or assuming the other person should know what's on your mind is absurd. No one is a mind reader. I say this because my relationship is heavily based on communication and respect. If something is on my mind, I share it with Adam and vice versa. We hear each other out on whatever is on our minds. If there is a problem, we talk about it or clarify if something is misunderstood. Sounds tedious? It's not, and people lack this simple ability. Once again... laziness. 

If people showed the same effort (if not more) in their personal relationships as they do to post numerous Facebook statuses, check their emails, play video games or watch TV... then this generation still has some hope. If not, then what will our children's generation be like? 

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