Thursday, December 20, 2012

The funny thing is...

It's interesting how we can all have different views on certain topics...

The thing that Staci feels is the "one sting of single motherhood", is my "one BENEFIT of single motherhood". But you know what? It's taken me years to get rid of that aching "guilty" feeling you have when you're having fun without your daughter or son. You know the one I'm talking about... that little voice in your head when you're out with friends having a saturday night beverage at the bar that says.. "you're a mother, you should be home in the bath tub, knitting while watching reruns of friends". But I'm being completely honest here, you've got to grab those free moments when they come and take advantage of the time you have to take care of yourself. And don't get me wrong, those relaxing nights at home with a box of ferrero rochers and a good movie where Bradley Cooper is topless, are ones you should also cherish. But making the effort to brush your hair, paint your nails and get dressed to the nines to go out with the girls, really feeds your soul. Nothing feels better after a split then getting picked up by the hottie across the bar.

I am absolutely head over heals, devastatingly in love with my son. Of course I miss him when he is gone and can't wait for him to get home, but oh how I love my free time, and you should too!

When moms, single and not, get a chance to go out, it sometimes looks like this:


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  1. I can imagine what the cartoon looks like when the kids go their grandparents and are away from US!