Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Ok so I am totally new to this kind of thing. I am testing the water here so be nice to me.

Single mom here, as you can see:) Im 28 and i have a 3 year old son Benjamin.

So here is a break down of me and what these blogs will likely consist of. I am starting a resourceful website in the new year that is geared towards helping single moms get back out in society and get their life back into order. I know i struggled when i left my sons father. I couldn't find anything in one place. I called one number for legal advice, another for counselling, another for subsidy for daycare and application. It was a nightmare. It was hard enough starting a new life with a 4 month old but having to call 13 different places was just a hassle and most times extremely frustrating. 

The website i am starting is a one stop shop for anything and everything a single mother may need access too including access to other single mothers to chat with and share stories with.

This is an intro to what will be in the new year and i want to see how many people are out there that need or want to connect with other single moms around the GTA. I will also blog about the struggles of being a single mom and being in school full time and working as well as having a 3 year old boy as well as my many accomplishments over the last 3 years. The joys of toilet training and some tips, boys will be boys blogs, fun things to do around the city with your little one, I will definitely share some funny stories of my little dude and I'm sure most of you will get to know Ben very well through black and white. Id also love to hear about you and your struggles and accomplishments! 

Ill leave you with my thought of the day. "No matter what age, race, culture or religion BOYS WILL ALWAYS BE BOYS!!!!" My little dude thought it was a great idea today to pull his pants down and put his ass on my head and rip one on my face. Gotta love those boys!!!

Until next time...peace out! 


  1. I am not a single mother but I truly admire you all!! Such amazing, strong and selfless women you all are! I will definitely be following your blogs, as I am also new to blogging (haha). Keep doing the amazing job you mamas are doing!! You are true inspirations to many mothers out there who are afraid to admit they are single mothers. <3

    1. Thanks Renat! That means so much especially coming from such a wonderful mother! Thanks for the support i know we all appreciate it! If you ever find a person in need please pass this ont on to them. We hope to help as many people as possible but even helping just one I would say that we succeeded!