Friday, December 21, 2012


Morning everyone! So good news... the world didn't end and doomsday is not upon us. HA!

Since we're growing in readership as we spread the word about SMFS and what's to come, I'd like to hear from some of you. Whether it's questions for either one of us or a topic that concerns you or someone you know. I know when Aliyah was younger I had so many questions on my mind but most discussions and groups I found online were catered to older moms and I found that I just couldn't relate to them.

On another note... I have a little question. What age is appropriate to let your child stay up for the New Years countdown (if they even make it that far into the night)? It's an exciting moment and I remember holiday parties growing up and us kids getting to join the adults with confetti and blowing those little noisemakers. 

Have a safe weekend and a happy holiday!

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