Monday, December 17, 2012

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Ello, ello ladies and gents (though I'll assume we'll be lacking those of the latter). As my co-blogger bitches have already introduced themselves and how they got here, it's only proper I do so myself.

My name is Valerie and I'm 27 years young. My story begins as a teen, when I met the father of my daughter. It wasn't a snowy winters night or a hot, sunny day on the beach. Nothing nearly as poetic or romantical as that. Basically, my friends knew his friends and I was called to join in on some nightly festivities. We met and clicked, but not as instantly as one would think. Even then we were completely different people, but sometimes when you're bored you kinda look for something different... am I right? We dated for a few months. He helped me move and paint my mom's kitchen. "Well, that's nice!" you're thinking? Let me continue. I wasn't that patient and he had a knack for being a "dumbass". We both called it quits (not that our "relationship" was anything worth noting at the time).

Fast forward a couple years later and -boom!- we randomly cross each others paths. At this point I'm sure we had both matured and he dropped the "dumbass" bit. We decided to give our little romance another go and this time we lasted over a year. After a planned trip to Cuba, lo and behold, we both end up with a an unplanned pregnancy. Confirmed by 3 pregnancy kits and a trip to the doc, any emotion you can name and I felt it. I went over and over and over everything in my head. I touched my stomach a thousand times as if I'd feel something reach back toward me. It wasn't until a heart beat, a simple heart beat, that changed my life forever.

I decided I was going to be a mom. Being a 20 year old with a bun in the oven along with the many uncertainties of life can freak anyone out... even that 20 year old. I told him I'm keeping the baby, with or without him. Next thing I know, we're living in a 2 bedroom apartment in the Corso Italia 'hood. My pregnancy is when I learned how to cope with fear and loneliness, though I technically wasn't. My tears, hormonal paired with lack of genuine love, were exploited to their capacity. It's the realization that what you thought could work just wasn't going to. Becoming closer and closer to my one true love gave me hope and strength.

That day came, November 9, 2006. Aliyah Yasmine, a beautiful (and well-toned, I might add) 7lbs 5oz little angel came into my life to set me free. And she did that, exactly 2 months and 5 days later. I finally  told him my chance to be happy was without him and I set off on my own. I can't take credit for having the means to leave right then and there. I struggled and lived with my mom for an entire month before Aliyah and I were able to venture out on our own. He chose to end his visitations shortly before she turned a year old.

I have an even happier continuation/conclusion to the story. Today, we live together with my boyfriend Adam, the truest of true souls I know. He has embraced Aliyah as his own, as did his entire family. I was always told of the fairytale but I never thought I could actually attain it. I did and forever look back on my journey as one hell of a life lesson. So why am I here? To share, guide and hopefully inspire in any way I can given these experiences along with those of my friends on here. Staci, a lifetime of friendship and shenanigans; we will always be there for one another. Kim, my dreadlock-lovin rasta masta with a flare for the wild. I love my mamas and you all will, too :)

Love for my fam...

and love for my friends. 

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