Thursday, December 20, 2012

The One sting of Single Motherhood

I know everyone is on here to relate to the same situation. Single motherhood. Well most of us are single mothers we all have our own unique story and situation.

My situation and life goes a little like this. My son Benjamin goes to his dads every Wednesday night and every other weekend from Friday evening until Sunday evening. That is our legal custody agreement drawn up by a lawyer and signed by a judge.
Some mothers may be happy they get a slight break in between living life and raising their children and I can't lie sometimes I enjoy my time. It allows me to be me and not just a mom. But I seriously feel lost a lot of the time when Ben is not with me. It's an odd feeling I'm sure most can relate. I have become so accustom to having him around. Tucking him in at night and him jumping on me in the morning , that those days he is gone I feel a bit disoriented.

Thursday afternoon and Sunday evenings are my favourite days because I anticipate the minute I get to wrap that little boy in my arms and smother him in a million kisses!!
(Until 2 hours in and he drives me bonkers all over again!!!) LOL

Gotta love those three year olds!!!

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